Velma_McClymontIndeed, the annual African Achievement Awards Scotland is a prestigious event that attracts high profile individuals from our global village and the world of politics (Guest of Honour, the Rt Hon David Martin Scott Steel, Baron of Steel and Aikwood, spoke of his childhood and youth in Kenya).

You had to be impressed by the array of men in Scottish plaid trousers and kilts, the piper with his heart-stirring tunes, the nominees doing stirling work in the African diaspora and the efficient way in which the food appeared on your table. The pudding came in the form of Awilo Longomba, who is one of the most popular African musicians. In spite of the morning trek across Glasgow and my tired feet in high heels, I was carried away by the Congolese musician’s captivating voice and found myself on the dancefloor with an impressive line up of African achievers and friends of Africa in Scotland.  I look forward to attending next year’s African Achievement Awards ceremony with great anticipation!

Dr Velma McClymontWriter

humzaThe government appreciates the effort of African Forum Scotland on this successful occasion. Please keep the flag flying.

Honourable Humza Yousaf MSPMinister of External RelationsScottish Government.

toureThank you to African Forum Scotland for this great honour and achievement.

His Excellency, Edward ToureHigh Commissioner of Sierra Leone to United Kingdom and Ireland

glasgow_chairCongratulations to African Forum Scotland on this successful occasion. I’m proud to be associated with your programs.

Chair Glasgow Life

UseniA wonderful program organised by African Forum Scotland. Please keep it up.

His Excellency Jeremiah UseniSenator Nigeria

neilAfrican Forum Scotland is truly indeed a forum for African. I will find it difficult to miss their annual event.

NeilProfessional Scottish Piper

DewuCongratulations to African Forum Scotland on this successful occasion. It is a great priviledge for Ahamadu bello University to be associated with African Forum Scotland on oil and gas training and research.

Architect Mohammed DewuChairman Governing Board and Pro Chancellor Ahmadu Bello University Zaria.

mustaphaAfrican Forum Scotland has made Africa proud. This is an unforgettable experience.

Professor Mustapha AbdullahiVice Chancellor Ahmadu Bello University Zaria

miss_africa_scotlandAn interesting program that brought African achievers together. Well done to African Forum Scotland

Miss Africa Scotland

DakwamboI’m happy to attend this program that was organized by African Forum Scotland. This is a wonderful program and I will give them my support. I’m also proud of the award.

His Excellency Alhaji Ibrahim DakwamboExecutive GovernorGombe State, Nigeria

annAfrican Forum Scotland (AFS) has established a great network and good positioning in Scotland. Quality Scotland is happy to work with AFS in areas of mutual collaboration.

Ann PikeDeputy Chief ExecutiveQuality Scotland